SourceCred πŸ’– Metagov

SourceCred is now set up for the Metagov community on this Discourse server. Check out the Metagov SourceCred graph.

What is SourceCred?

SourceCred (in the most basic sense) is a technology that makes the labor of individuals more visible and rewardable as they work together in a project or community. The goal of SourceCred is to use this technology to make rewarding labor as nuanced as human contribution often is. We hope to be one piece in the puzzle of a healthier future where systems serve community members, where financial maximization isn’t the end-all be-all goal, and where wealth actually flows to those who are creating the value in our world.

Read more in the docs!

:bulb:The Discourse plugin assigns Cred to contributors participating on Discourse forums; for example, by posting, replying to posts, or liking posts. Non-public contributions (e.g. private messages and closed topics) are not included in the graph.

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