Setting up a working group

The following use-case is synthesized from a description by Bea Ramos (DADA) on March 2, 2021.

How can we make coordination more efficient? Here is a very stupid, but time-consuming and clear example of the type of thing I think should be automated: setting up a working group.

Current user flow:

  1. Announce a new working group via telegram, twitter, etc. (a human does this)
  2. People say they want to be part of it.
  3. Make the new calendar invite with the emails we have. (a human does this)
  4. Now we need to ask for the emails we don’t have. (a human does this)
  5. The emails need to be imported into google invite as we get them. (a human does this)
  6. The day of the session the system sends email notifications. But not everyone uses email.
  7. So we need to post the link on telegram & discord too as a reminder (a human does this)
  8. Session is recorded.
  9. After the session google sends a recording. For some reason it needs to be downloaded. (a human does this)
  10. And then upload to youtube and input information. (a human does this)
  11. Then we share in social media channels (a human does this)

Result: 8 steps taken by a human x 6 working groups x 100 + people. It becomes hours of many interruptions and small interactions accumulated over time.

Alternate user flow:

  1. Set up new working group calendar (a human does this)
  2. Software sends invitations via email, telegram, twitter, etc.
  3. People sign up with their emails, telegram and twitter handles, etc
  4. People get automatic notifications on all the channels.
  5. Session is recorded.
  6. Recording becomes available on our site (with metadata from the original set up)
  7. System shares recording.

Result: 1 step taken by human x working group.