Porting a World of Warcraft extension into Seed

This is another Seed-inspired use case, following the one described in “A Discourse game”. The idea here is to transfer the raid and guild extensions built for World of Warcraft, via Metagov, into the base Seed game. If Metagov can lower the cost of porting these extensions (ideally making it much easier or faster), then this would provide a clear value add to new games like Seed, since the quality of community extensions plays an important role in improving the quality of gameplay.

The key here is that we provide the EASIEST POSSIBLE INTEGRATION TARGET for the developers of existing World of Warcraft extensions, as well as an incentive scheme (e.g. Seed credits? cash bounties from Klang?) for providing these extensions. Then, assuming that Seed builds an integration directly to Metagov, will allow Seed to directly use all of these extensions.

FWIW, I believe WoW uses Lua as the extension language, the same language we’re using for the Minetest modpol implementation.