Auditing the distribution of power across Loomio, Discourse, SourceCred, and OpenCollective

Stub for a use-case related to a specific monitor: distribution of power. To do: community health metrics, add multiple flows for different kinds of data in a community, and logging.

This use-case features a “Power” module/monitor that essentially aggregates and presents things like voting power and process-based power (e.g. permissions, activities) across a number of different modules and platforms. So the Power module has to be able to interpret and understand what constitutes “power” inside the other modules. In principle, it will also incorporate any information about shared identities provided by an Identity module.

It is inspired by Ricardo’s original plans for Petal as well as by the discussions in the modular politics paper around ‘monitors’.


Flow 1

  1. User opens the Metagov console, and clicks to the Power module
  2. User sees